Cooler Pads

Are your old cooler pads costing you money?

how to change cooler pads
Bartlett’s Gas can get your evaporative cooler working more efficiently this summer. If you have water generally dripping from your evaporative cooler pads chances are your pads are not retaining water, costing you money with water bills and leaving you unhappy with your cooler.
The changing of cooler pads will not only prolong the life of the cooler but will enhance the effectiveness of the temperature drop you receive. Retaining water through your pads will give you an effective cool breeze through your entire home. Bartlett`s Gas can replace all your old Celdek and Aspen pads with new pads, all brands and models are available. We can arrange supply and install or you can do it yourself. As well as pads, Bartlett`s can clean and sanitise your unit so it is ready for the long summer ahead.
We also stock cooler pumps and motors for most brands and can change your old uninsulated duct work with the new energy efficient R1 rated duct that will enhance your cooling enjoyment.


Call Bartlett’s Gas today:02 6033 1403 and see how they can make your home lifestyle more comfortable this summer.