Evaporative cooling

Breezair Evaporative Cooler

Bartlett`s gas have the largest range of evaporative coolers in Corowa to suit every application. Your home deserves the best evaporative coolers on the market, so whether you have a small or large house Bartlett`s can size your home or work place and then fit and install your chosen model with most installations complete in one day. An example is the revolutionary Breezair Icon, the worlds quietest and most efficient ducted evaporative cooler.

The breezair Icon is the only inverter cool technology which can save you money on operating cost year after year in power consumption. The thing that you immediately notice in the Breezair Icon is how wonderfully cool it makes the whole house and how incredibly quiet it is. Thanks to its superior design and centrifugal fan and hush power motor design. Imagine being able to keep your family or business cool for as little as $37.00 per year in electricity cost. It’s little wonder that with your Breezair, you can cool your entire home from as little as the cost of running a light bulb.

When choosing an evaporative cooler you are looking after our environment. Evaporative coolers reduce harmful greenhouse emissions entering our environment. Step inside your Breezair cooled home and you`ll quickly notice how refreshingly cool it feels. One of the major benefits of evaporative cooling is the way it fills your home or work place with fresh filtered cool air. That`s because evaporative cooling replaces the air every few minutes drawn through moistened Chillcel pads where it is filtered and cooled before being gently circulated throughout the room. It`s a process that is purely natural and as soothing as a sea breeze.

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