Unflued Heating

Unflued Portable Gas Room Heaters

rinnai portable gas heater

Unflued portable gas room heaters are highly efficient and flexible heating solution for your home. They are economical to run and can be used in living areas with a relevant gas point and can be stored away in summer for your convenience.

Sleek in styling and designed for your home or office, a portable room heater can be thermostatically controlled with the added advantage of a timer to turn your heater on and off when required. Enjoy waking up to a toasty warm living area for breakfast or coming home to a nice warm house on a cold winter’s day.

Portable gas room heaters are low emissions and up to six star energy efficient. Available in natural gas models or if mains gas is not available you can choose an economical LPG model.

Unflued portable gas room heaters are an extremely cost effective way to heat any area of your house or office.

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