Flued Heating

Flued Room Heaters

Flued heaters utilise flueing to ensure there are no indoor emissions. They have a powerful heat output and have many varieties to suit your application. Flued heating can be convection heat or radiant and convection heat.

The Rinnai Energy Saver Range comes in a variety of sizes, from heating a small room to commercial sizes that heat large halls. Rinnai’s extensive range combines cosy radiant warmth with superior quality and reliability.

Flexible flueing options allow Rinnai heaters to be installed in all types of situations including chimneys, fixed to wall, flueing to side or under floor can all be achieved.

This radiant range of heaters can also be installed as a replacement for the old oil heaters that once dotted the market, as well as their inefficient electric replacement.

Flued room heaters produce far less greenhouse emissions compared to electric heating or solid fuel heaters and may also entitle you to a GAS REBATE.

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