Split System

Need Split System Air Conditioning in Corowa?

split system air conditioner

Split System (Reverse Cycle) air conditioning is a popular choice for home or office comfort.

The hi wall inverters are an efficient, effective and comfortable cooling and heating option that can be used in any location in your house. We can offer multi room splits which have one outdoor and up three indoor units or the simple indoor/outdoor models.

Bartlett’s stock most brands such as Mitsubishi, Samsung, Fujitsu, Braemar, Brivis and the new Rinnai range. Most brands offer a range from the 2.5kw bedroom units to the 8 kw large family room unit. Consisting of the sleek and sophisticated inverter style indoor wall mounted unit that is non instusive and compliments any decor and an outdoor unit that sits outside the house.

The latest inverter technology creates the ideal relaxing environment as the system works to regulate the room temperature without fluctuations, resulting in a consistent temperature and comfortable surroundings in extreme temperatures.

Many features include remote control, timers, adjustable flows. The inverter technology units now offer reduced energy running costs so you can sit back and relax in a cool house with minimal costs. Low noise levels are now a feature of our units.

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