Ducted Gas Heating

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If you are looking to install ducted gas heating in Corowa or the surrounding district, Bartletts Gas have you covered. We have a great range of brands to choose from and all the information you need to put $$$ back in your pocket.

Ducted gas heating vs reverse cycle heating?

With energy prices rising, ducted gas heating has the edge on reverse cycle when it comes to both efficiency and performance, and even more so now with the world’s first 7 star equivalent ducted gas heater from Braemar.

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Why ducted gas heating is the best choice for efficiency and comfort!

Ducted gas heating score card
  • The 7 star* ducted gas heater is more energy efficient so costs you less to run
  • Better performance in colder weather
  • Instant warmth with the touch of a button
  • Won’t dry your skin and eyes
Reverse cycle heating score card
  • More expensive to run, compared with the 7 star* ducted gas heater
  • Efficiency drops as the outside temperature drops
  • Takes longer to heat up to desired temperature
  • Can remove moisture from the air and dry the skin and eyes

Running cost comparison

Braemar 7 star* ducted gas heating is the cheapest whole of home gas heating in Australia, saving you up to $612 per year when compared to a ducted reverse cycle heater.

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Efficiency comparison (depending on outdoor temperature)

When it gets really cold outside, reverse cycle systems lose efficiency, while Braemar ducted gas systems keep your home as warm as you want it – no matter how cold it gets outdoors!

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Save with a higher star rating

Our suppliers are constantly striving to engineer ingenious products that keep your family warm and save you money. Installing a Braemar 7 star equivalent ducted gas heater instead of a 3 star ducted gas heater will save approximately $577 per year in running costs!

Star rating explained

In Australia, an Energy Rating Labelling scheme assists customers in selecting more energy efficient appliances. The higher the number of stars on the rating label, the more energy efficient the appliance, meaning greater annual savings on your running costs. On average an increase of one star means an average usage saving of approximately 10 percent.

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