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Continuous Gas Hot Water

Bartlett’s Gas can help you with all your hot water needs from traditional storage hot water units to the new continuous flow hot waters systems.

Gas hot water is one of the most greenhouse friendly fuel sources available with substantial benefits to not only our planet but also the end consumer. Gas hot water boasts high efficiency ratings with quick recovery storage hot water units and the increasingly popular continuous flow systems.

continuous gas hot water system

The traditional hot water storage unit has been the preferred choice for many homes,  however the continuous flow system now offers more alternatives to gas and electric storage hot water units. In fact, many council’s have now banned the electric storage units in the new home market.

The continuous flow hot water units only heat the water you need and you will never run out of hot water again.  Your hot water is heated as required which means no more cold showers. Why pay $$$$ for storage hot water that you don`t need??

Continuous flow hot water units are more compact and are easily mounted on external or internal walls if required. Electronic systems provide precise temperatures and temperature adjustments can be achieved through controllers. Safety features like bath fill turn off and set temperatures can be also added for the safety of young children.

Did you know that the largest user of energy consumed in homes is through your hot water system, making it extremely important to consider all factors before deciding on your next hot water purchase.

All our gas hot water systems can be used on natural gas or LPG bottles, so start saving today.

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