Pool Chemicals

Is it time you give your pool a health check?

Did you know you can get all your Pool Chemicals in Corowa?

Pool water testing corowa

Bartlett’s Gas offer water testing to keep your pool sparkling clean for the summer swimming season. With long hot summers ahead your pool may look okay but in reality many pools don’t pass the health check.  Increased sun exposure and temperature rises can affect your pool water balance. It`s important to maintain optimum pH and chlorine levels by doing a fortnightly pH test. It is also critical to do a regular water test and maintenance to prevent water from deteriorating and causing health risks to your family and friends. Often pool owners think because the water looks clean that it is healthy and ready for family fun but unfortunately this is not always the case.

At Bartlett`s we offer free water testing and stock a full range of pool products. Pool salt, sand filter replacements and all your pool chemical needs are available. Do it yourself maintenance or servicing can be arranged.

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